Christmas Singing 2013 Gallery


Group of young people singing their Christmas songs:. “Out of the mouths of babes and sucklings thou has perfected praise.” (Matt. 21:16)


Jaylen Wise, Jackson Wise, Aron Hale, Lindy Holley, Joseph Wise, Caleigh Coleman, Anna Lauren Parrish, Claire Wise, Lauren Gail Bishop, Carol Anne Wise, Lydia Holley, Bella Grace, Emma Kate Wise, Katie Wise


Adam Wise, Jaylen Wise, Jackson Wise

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Christmas Fruit Basket Assembly is about to start on Sunday December 8, 2013 in the Fellowship Hall of Bethany by the young the middle age and the elderly to deliver to the shut-ins to let them know we are thinking about them. This was followed Sunday night by the Christmas Singing with a large congregation and group singing and congregation singing, followed by a time of food and fellowship. Praise the Lord for His wonderful works toward the children of men. Click on the following link and hear some of the singing during this night of praise in song.


Anna Lauren Parrish, Claire Wise, Lydia Holley, Emma Kate Wise, Katie Wise


Matt Holley, Jerry Wise, David Wise, Jonathan Wise


Jeremy Wise, Kaye Holley, Hillery Wise, Suzanne Bishop


Phillip Wise, Jeremy Wise, Bella Grace, Caleigh Coleman, Carol Anne Wise, Hillery Wise, Lauren Gail Bishop, Suzanne Bishop, Paige Wise


Dena Mae Wise, Bobbie Hale


Stanley Wise Jr., Jeremy Wise, Kaye Holley, Suzanne Bishop, Paige Wise, Lydia Holley, Phillip Wise, Barry Wise, Hillery Wise, Katie Wise


Sandra Wiesner, Anna Lauren Parrish

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