September 2022

Bethany was blessed with another Spirit filled meeting the 2nd weekend in September, 2022. We had very good visitation both Friday night Sept. 9 with excellent singing and Elder Ricky Harcrow bringing a message on being reconciled to Christ through the shed blood and death of the Lord Jesus Christ.

We were especially blessed with a large congregation for the Saturday morning, Sept. 10, service; this is usually our smallest congregation but not this year. The singing was excellent and Elder Harcrow brought a message on the mystery of the gospel as is now revealed to God’s people in the New Testament. This was followed by a dinner of catfish and all the things that go with it and great fellowship.

The Pastor, Bro. Larry Wise concluded the meeting on Sunday with a message on the theme that Nothing is too hard for the Lord. Lunch followed the service with great food, including some leftover fish and good fellowship.