Better This Way

IT’S BETTER THIS WAY–Elder David Montgomery-3-30-2015

It is silly to cry over spilled milk and even sillier to cry over milk that hasn’t been spilled. Lots of people tend to “pre-worry” and fret over possibilities. They stress over things that *could* happen. This is a good recipe for ulcers and wrinkles. If you want to look old and feel old, this is how to do it. I like the saying, “If you worry why pray and if you pray why worry?” The antidote to worry is prayer. In the Lord, we have a very present help intime of trouble so let us seek him early. Let us call upon the name of the Lord and he will always answer. If we have a regular habit of prayer then we will avoid a regular habit of worry. Elder Sam Bryant says that worrying is like a rocking chair; it keeps you busy but doesn’t get you anywhere. Worry does no good but prayer strengthens our faith. Kind Readers, if “Worry” is your middle name then it is time to change it. Change your ways too by putting it in God’s hands.

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