Happy Easter

   It was a glorious day to attend church and worship the Lord and celebrate the resurrection of Christ this easter Sunday. We were blessed with an excellent congregation and some visitors. The singing was excellent and I preached on the subject of Christ and His resurrection. There was the prophecy of His resurrection; the power of His resurrection; the purpose of His resurrection; the proof of his resurrection and the proclomation of His resurrectrion. Various scriptures were examined to prove these points and establish the very foundation of Christian belief. Without Christ’s resurrection there would be no resurrection of the body and renders faith and preaching all in vain. I felt the Lord blessed the service even though I was hoarse and had been battling a cold. Praise the Lord that His grace allowed me to preach another sermon to God’s people. Grace is free but salvation is expensive; it cost the suffering and death of the Savior, Jesus Christ. God bless each individual that may read this is our prayer.–April 25, 2011–Elder Larry Wise

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