Brotherly Love

The following by Elder David Montgomery is what we all need to take heed unto as we begin a New Year on January 1 2014:

When Jesus spoke of going two miles for the person who had asked for one, or of giving a cloak for the request of a coat, or of turning the other cheek when the other was smitten, he was establishing the great principle of Christianity; that is, to love your neighbor as yourself. When he said that we ought to wash one another’s feet, he was not only laying down a rule but also a mindset: love one another. This is not merely etiquette but it is a dynamic and vital├é┬áprinciple which guarantees peace and contentment. If you are bearing a grudge then you have locked yourself into a prison cell. Good things are going on, life is still happening, but you are living in suspended animation and a spiritual paralysis. What did they do to you that was so terrible? Haven’t we ALL sinned and come short of the glory of God? The Scriptures teach us to forgive seventy times seven but some seem to think it means others need to apologize seventy times seven. Let the grudges go and turn the other cheek. This is walking that second mile. Wash the feet of the one who wrong you…Jesus did and look what it accomplished. An unforgiving heart will never enter into the abundant life but the tender heart always finds it whether they know it or not. As we approach the new year, let us adopt a better approach. “Let brotherly love continue.”

By Elder David Montgomery–via Facebook

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