Spelling Jesus–My Saviour

Spelling Jesus, My Saviour ….
“How do you spell Jesus?” I asked my eight year old daughter, this was years ago in the 1970’s, as we happily enjoyed working together on teaching her the correct spelling of new words that she had not learned how to spell at school. After thinking for awhile, Sharon spelled out J-E-S-E-S. In my effort to help her to remember how to spell Jesus correctly, I answered, “You have the first three letters correct, but the last two is U-S, not E-S. Always remember that “US” is in Jesus”.

As I spoke these words, suddenly a “sweetness” of feeling ran through me as I again remembered the words of Jesus unto God the Father when he said, “As thou, Father, art in me, and I in thee, that they also may be one in us.”

In my heart I pondered the sweetness of “us being in Jesus”, being one with Christ and the Father. I know that everyone has had moments in their lives where something happened that “thrilled their soul”. Well, this thought was so sweet to me that it just thrilled my soul! It lifted my spirit! It gave great joy to my heart.

After absorbing the sweetness of “us” being in Jesus, I continued on with our spelling bee and I asked her to spell several different words and then I asked her to spell Saviour. She quickly spelled “S-A-V-I-U-R”. I replied, “You left out the “O”. The last three letters in Saviour is “O-U-R” (our). So remember, he is “our” Saviour and the last three letters is “our”.

Again I was made to ponder the sweetness of my discoveries in the spelling bee. Talking about being “happy in the Lord”; for a few moments of time I was carried high with joy as the thought of “our” Saviour (yours and mine) made me to feel again how very blessed we are. Oh, how wonderful it is that He died for us. He is our Saviour! He saved us from that lake that burns with fire and made us … one… with Him.

I don’t deserve His Blessings or His Love yet He draws me unto himself and puts arms of mercy around me. He lets me eat at His Table. I, who am the least in His Kingdom and yet I am so honored that He has called me and set me a place that I might eat at the “Kings Table” and rejoice in His Goodness and to bliss in the joy of His Divine Presence.

Truly, the mere mention of His Name is so sweet to my soul. And then, when I think of what he has done for me and that He has manifested His Great Love for little ole me, my cup is filled with rejoicing and Praise to His Lovely Name.

When I finished the spelling bee with Sharon, I left with a feeling of great happiness as my mind was upon the Lord and happily I spelled the word joy, J-O-Y, joy. For, oh my, what great joy there is, just to think upon the Lord.

~Our God is Great and Great to be Praised.~Neetcie Buell–July 18, 2019

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