Excellency of Patience


The Lord will always execute the right judgment at the right time and in the right fashion. There is contentment in that, and if we are patient, even satisfaction. The problem is the waiting for it and who likes to do that? The late, great philosopher Thomas Petty wrote, “The waiting is the hardest part. Every day you see one more card. You take on faith, you take it to the heart but the waaaaiiiating is the hardest part.” When we are wronged, we want to lash out and get even but we really never do get even. The memories of the thing done against us linger and continue to cause us pain. Some wounds never heal and some scars get reopened time and again. That is the time to move forward and commend it to God. Vengeance belongs to Him and not to us. Let it go but let it go to Him…that is the only way you can let it go. Soon, you will see the evidence of God’s involvement, but if you’re wrapped up in retribution, you won’t see it. No contentment in that. A bitter you is the worst version of yourself.–By Elder David Montgomery–January 18, 2019

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