Joy Mixed With Pain


It is sometimes the will of God that we should let ourselves be the object of kindness instead of the author of it. There are times when we need to let others bear our burdens and minister to us in our times of weakness. Let it happen so you can get to where you can minister and bear the burdens of others. When we see our aged parents who have toiled for us for so long, count it all joy to toil for them now for there will come a time when you will give anything to hear your mother’s voice one more time or to feel your father’s loving embrace again. But did you feel the love of cherished friends and family yesterday? Then be thankful. You may have spent yesterday at a hospital or a nursing home, but was there love amidst the pain? Then be thankful. Was there missing places at the dinner table? Then call to mind that those who have gone on had a better Christmas than any of us. Empty seats here below are occupied seats in Heaven. Soon we shall join them in the greatest gathering ever known. Unmingled joy is something we’ve never experienced but we will know it some wonderful day.–Elder David Montgomery–December 26, 2018

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