Walking Around Blind

** Walking Around Blind ***
Picture this. You are walking peacefully down the street. The love of God is swelled in your heart. Peace reigns in your soul. A melody of praise to God sings in your spirit. All is well. Then suddenly, Whack!! You feel intense pain all across your face. Your nose starts bleeding. Tears roll from your eyes. The man who struck you is still walking as though nothing happened.

As you grab a Kleenex and wipe away the blood and tears, you realize that your lip is injured also and that you are hurt worse than you first thought. Worry sets in. How long will it take for you to get over this? Why did he hurt you so? Will you ever feel comfortable to walk that street again?

A week later, while still hurting from your injury, you prayerfully go back and walk the same street, not knowing how you will react to the cruel ones when you meet them. As you seek to find forgiveness and beg God to give you the right spirit and understanding, you find a struggle within and begin to say, “Lord, I serve Thee. I am Thine. I desire to walk always in a way pleasing unto Thee. Help me, Lord.”

Then you see the man who hurt you so bad. There he is. It’s him. You have to walk right past him. Suddenly in your spirit, a still small voice speaks, “Look at his eyes. What do you see? Look at the cane! This man is blind.” Blind! The man is blind! He didn’t know he hurt me! He didn’t purposely seek to do me harm? Oh, I understand now.

Didn’t Jesus say, as he was hung on the cross and the soldiers at the foot of the cross parted his raiment, and cast lots, “Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do.” Luke 23:34.

How many times have we had our feelings deeply hurt by people who were “blind” to what they were doing? They really didn’t target us for an attack at all! In fact they may not know that we are injured! I had this happen to me many years ago, when a precious Sister-in-Christ hurt me so deep one Sunday. I wallowed in emotional misery for several days and dreaded seeing her again. But, the Lord saw my agony and suffering and knew my soul that I wanted to do what was right. He gave me a dream where I saw myself badly injured by a person that was blind and did not see that they had hurt me deeply. The dream gave me understanding of my plight.

There are times when our friends do not see our side of the situation. Their words are sharp as knives and cut deep but they are blind to how they will hit us and how much injury they will cause. If we think that they knowingly hurt us, we judge them as breakers of the law and offenders before God and man. But, just as we judge the natural blind man innocent when he accidentally strikes some one and hurts them, so also we must judge our fellow man innocent when he unintentionally slips and by an awkward word or deed hurts someone.

I was thankful for the message that came to me in my dream. I was then able to warmly embrace my precious Sister-in-Christ. I never told her of my many days of crying because of her hurtful words and deeds. I was at peace with her and prayed, “Father in Heaven, Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive others.”

Ah, “Understanding—- her path is peace.”

~~ My Love and Blessings to you all.~~~ Neetcie Buell–02-25-2017

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