Post Change Depression


There is a depression that comes with great change and one needs to be prepared for it. You will go through a mourning period when suddenly it hits you that life is forever different and familiar things are now gone. For instance, your spouse may have left you; but know that even the best marriages can end badly. Just because it ended badly does not mean that it was a bad marriage. A marriage that stays good is the only kind of marriage we want and it hurts beyond measure when it goes awry. After my experience, I never believed I would ever feel joy again, but I did and I was very pleasantly surprised by it. I have learned that when depression comes–to let it come–but we need to attend to it. Don’t let it fester but look for the things that help it heal. Time does not heal all wounds but it takes time for wounds to heal. The medicine that heals is faith and hope.–Elder David Montgomery

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Sept. 100th Anniversary Meeting

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Bethany had a glorious 100th anniversary meeting with Elder Ricky Harcrow preaching three messages on “Take Heed”, “Now unto Him who is Able”, and Reigning Sin and Reigning Grace”. Many visitors and good singing, praying, food and fellowship.

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Kenya, Africa Preaching Trip 2019

On July 9, 2019 Elder David Wise and four other Primitive Baptist ministers, left on a preaching and teaching trip to Kenya, Africa and Tanzania, Africa. The following is a link that describes the trip and experience through the eyes of Brother David Wise. He gives a summary of each day and many pictures of worship services, baptisms and other interesting things they all encountered. God is working in all countries as pertaining to His chosen people, May He be honored in all that we do and pray the Lord will bless these people to all be faithful to their God and us here in the USA as well.

Click on the link and to will take you to the Macedonia Primitive Baptist website and the description of the trip by Elder David Wise:

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Spelling Jesus–My Saviour

Spelling Jesus, My Saviour ….
“How do you spell Jesus?” I asked my eight year old daughter, this was years ago in the 1970’s, as we happily enjoyed working together on teaching her the correct spelling of new words that she had not learned how to spell at school. After thinking for awhile, Sharon spelled out J-E-S-E-S. In my effort to help her to remember how to spell Jesus correctly, I answered, “You have the first three letters correct, but the last two is U-S, not E-S. Always remember that “US” is in Jesus”.

As I spoke these words, suddenly a “sweetness” of feeling ran through me as I again remembered the words of Jesus unto God the Father when he said, “As thou, Father, art in me, and I in thee, that they also may be one in us.”

In my heart I pondered the sweetness of “us being in Jesus”, being one with Christ and the Father. I know that everyone has had moments in their lives where something happened that “thrilled their soul”. Well, this thought was so sweet to me that it just thrilled my soul! It lifted my spirit! It gave great joy to my heart.

After absorbing the sweetness of “us” being in Jesus, I continued on with our spelling bee and I asked her to spell several different words and then I asked her to spell Saviour. She quickly spelled “S-A-V-I-U-R”. I replied, “You left out the “O”. The last three letters in Saviour is “O-U-R” (our). So remember, he is “our” Saviour and the last three letters is “our”.

Again I was made to ponder the sweetness of my discoveries in the spelling bee. Talking about being “happy in the Lord”; for a few moments of time I was carried high with joy as the thought of “our” Saviour (yours and mine) made me to feel again how very blessed we are. Oh, how wonderful it is that He died for us. He is our Saviour! He saved us from that lake that burns with fire and made us … one… with Him.

I don’t deserve His Blessings or His Love yet He draws me unto himself and puts arms of mercy around me. He lets me eat at His Table. I, who am the least in His Kingdom and yet I am so honored that He has called me and set me a place that I might eat at the “Kings Table” and rejoice in His Goodness and to bliss in the joy of His Divine Presence.

Truly, the mere mention of His Name is so sweet to my soul. And then, when I think of what he has done for me and that He has manifested His Great Love for little ole me, my cup is filled with rejoicing and Praise to His Lovely Name.

When I finished the spelling bee with Sharon, I left with a feeling of great happiness as my mind was upon the Lord and happily I spelled the word joy, J-O-Y, joy. For, oh my, what great joy there is, just to think upon the Lord.

~Our God is Great and Great to be Praised.~Neetcie Buell–July 18, 2019

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May 2019 Communion Meeting

Bethany was indeed blessed with a wonderful Spirit filled May Communion meeting. We had a large congregation on Friday night with great visitation from sister churches and message by Elder Michael Gowens. We had another large congregation on Saturday night and the preceding fish upper was attended by the largest we have had in a few years. Once again the singing was excellent and the preaching very up lifting as we awaited Sunday’s final service. We had several missing on Sunday but had a good singing before the message by Bro. Gowens. His message was followed by the Lord’s Supper with the taking of the unleavened bread and wine and the washing of the saint’s feet. We had lunch and fellowship to follow.

The Friday night message from Elder Michael Gowens was from Philippians 1:21 “For to me to live is Christ, and to die is gain” on “Paul the Christian.” Paul’s life was now dedicated to serving the Lord and that is his goal; to be the Christian that would always honor the Lord. He wrote Philippinas while in a Roman prison but the Lord can visit his children wherever they are. Whatever situation we are in, we can have the Lord come and visit us and give us strength to press on and forget those things which are behind.

Elder Gowens message on Saturday night was entitled “One legitimate fear” using as the subject the wild Gararenen Mark 5 that met Jesus who had his dwelling among the tombs. His was possessed with unclean spirits and no man could tame him. Jesus could cast them out by just speaking to them as He did for the disciples who were so fearful in the storm and awoke Jesus asking if He cared that they perish. He rebuked the wind and there was once again a calm. They had forgotten Jesus had told them “Let us pass to the other side of the lake.” Whatever demon that may have us possessed, Jesus is able to solve the problem and cast the problem aside or give us the strength to overcome. We need not fear if Jesus is near and in the ship with us.

The Sunday message from Elder Gowens was from Psalm 95 on a “Call to Worship.” WE need to come and worship the king. We need to come and sing praises unto Him. We need to come and be thankful. We need to come and worship the great God of our salvation. We need to gather in the assembly of the saints . We need to come boldly and enter into the holiest by the blood of Jesus who is our high priest. We need not a high priest as the Israelites of old. There isn’t a god as Great as our God because He is the God of gods.

Here are a few scenes from the services on Friday night through Sunday morning and more on the May Communion Page.

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Sister Dorothy Clayton–Update

UPDATE 2-20-2019: Sister Clayton didn’t lay in bathroom as long as reported, She was there in bathroom from early Sunday night until about 4:00 pm Monday which is plenty long enough. She was dehydrated which caused thoughts of heart but tests so far doesn’t indicate this. She has had an ECHO and also has a UTI infection. Plans are to get her in a Rehab facility for some physical therapy.

Sister Dorothy Clayton evidently fell in her bathroom and spent two days and nights before anyone found her yesterday, February 18, 2019. A window had to be removed to get into the house. She was first taken to New Albany and then transferred to Tupelo. Obviously she was in bad condition just because of lying there two days without drink or nourishment but it is thought it may be her heart again that is causing trouble.

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Red Skies At Night


When Lot was given a choice of pastures, he felt that fortune had come to him. And it may have seemed so great to the Israelites when they got their long-asked-for quails. And likewise to Jonah when he found a ship going to Tarshish–but they were all mistaken. The watered plains looked pleasant but they were right next to Sodom. The quails gave the Jews a horrible belly-ache. The ship threw Jonah into the deep where he gave a whale a horrible belly-ache. It’s not whether things are going our way, but rather, are they going God’s way. Coincidence is not always providence. The dice may roll favorably but the result may be a disaster. A storm may be lurking beyond blue skies but think on this: the storm just may be heaven-sent. That fierce wind may be blowing you the right direction. How can we know? Ask the Provider…ask the Disposer…and keep asking until you get an answer. If you do not have patience to keep asking then ask for patience. Better to know what’s right than to experience what went wrong.–Elder David Montgomery-Feb. 7, 2019

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Excellency of Patience


The Lord will always execute the right judgment at the right time and in the right fashion. There is contentment in that, and if we are patient, even satisfaction. The problem is the waiting for it and who likes to do that? The late, great philosopher Thomas Petty wrote, “The waiting is the hardest part. Every day you see one more card. You take on faith, you take it to the heart but the waaaaiiiating is the hardest part.” When we are wronged, we want to lash out and get even but we really never do get even. The memories of the thing done against us linger and continue to cause us pain. Some wounds never heal and some scars get reopened time and again. That is the time to move forward and commend it to God. Vengeance belongs to Him and not to us. Let it go but let it go to Him…that is the only way you can let it go. Soon, you will see the evidence of God’s involvement, but if you’re wrapped up in retribution, you won’t see it. No contentment in that. A bitter you is the worst version of yourself.–By Elder David Montgomery–January 18, 2019

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For Whom Did Christ Die

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Joy Mixed With Pain


It is sometimes the will of God that we should let ourselves be the object of kindness instead of the author of it. There are times when we need to let others bear our burdens and minister to us in our times of weakness. Let it happen so you can get to where you can minister and bear the burdens of others. When we see our aged parents who have toiled for us for so long, count it all joy to toil for them now for there will come a time when you will give anything to hear your mother’s voice one more time or to feel your father’s loving embrace again. But did you feel the love of cherished friends and family yesterday? Then be thankful. You may have spent yesterday at a hospital or a nursing home, but was there love amidst the pain? Then be thankful. Was there missing places at the dinner table? Then call to mind that those who have gone on had a better Christmas than any of us. Empty seats here below are occupied seats in Heaven. Soon we shall join them in the greatest gathering ever known. Unmingled joy is something we’ve never experienced but we will know it some wonderful day.–Elder David Montgomery–December 26, 2018

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