September 2020

The September 2020 annual meeting was blessed in spite of the many distractions because of the continued threat of the COVID-19 virus. We had several visitors and they were spaced out fairly well which was good because of the recommendation to have social distance due to virus.

Elder Ricky Harcrow

Elder Ricky Harcrow from Fort Payne, AL held the meeting and was blessed to preach in power and demonstration of the Spirit of God and bring three messages to edify the flock of God. Friday night was blessed with good singing, prayer and preaching as Elder Harcrow brought a message from First Peter on “Putting in Remembrance”. We all need to be reminded of the precious truths in the Bible to help us through difficult times.

Saturday morning, Sept. 12, we were again blessed with good congregation for a Saturday service and Elder Harcrow brought a message from First John on “Fullness of Joy” that can be experienced by the child of God when they trust and believe the word of God. John wrote his writings to the young, the old, the fathers and to children of God in general that their joy might be full. After service Elder Harcrow and some others ate at the Cracker Barrel restaurant in New Albany.

Sunday morning, Sept. 13, we were blessed with our regular congregation of those who could attend and again had good singing and Elder Harcrow brought a message on Jesus Christ as the “Faithful Servant” from Isaiah 42:1 who humbled Himself under the mighty hand of God and made Himself of no reputation and became obedient to death to save His people from their sin. Many outstanding points were brought out for the people to rejoice in as He cannot fail or be discouraged and we can do both.

After such a time of rejoicing in the service of God, we got word from Elder Harcrow on Monday after the meeting that he tested positive for the COVID-19 virus after running a temperature Sunday night. Many had come in contact with Brother Ricky and we were concerned that others would get sick. We cancelled services for two weeks because of this exposure and as far as we know, no one got the virus from Bro. Ricky. We thank the Lord for that.