Post Change Depression


There is a depression that comes with great change and one needs to be prepared for it. You will go through a mourning period when suddenly it hits you that life is forever different and familiar things are now gone. For instance, your spouse may have left you; but know that even the best marriages can end badly. Just because it ended badly does not mean that it was a bad marriage. A marriage that stays good is the only kind of marriage we want and it hurts beyond measure when it goes awry. After my experience, I never believed I would ever feel joy again, but I did and I was very pleasantly surprised by it. I have learned that when depression comes–to let it come–but we need to attend to it. Don’t let it fester but look for the things that help it heal. Time does not heal all wounds but it takes time for wounds to heal. The medicine that heals is faith and hope.–Elder David Montgomery

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