Climbing a Waterfall

Climbing The Face of a Waterfall …….
I have heard of the perseverance of the Salmon as they face many obstacles as they go on their journey to their spawning grounds. They are strong and never give up on their effort and thus they are “Overcomers” and are victorious to make it through very hard times and still accomplish their goal. They are the only fish known to be able to climb the very Face of a Waterfall, with all its mighty force coming against them.

Yet, I too, with the blessings of the Lord was also able to … Climb The Face of a Waterfall! It was in the year of 1978, when I was very ill with my heart. My Cardiologists said, if good health was 100%, then my health was 5%. I didn’t know if I was going to survive. Several times my heart went into spells where I felt like I weighed two tons. I had several times when I would suddenly lose consciousness. I felt that death would be a most welcome relief from my sufferings.

Then, I had a dream where I was on a journey and I came to a high and powerful waterfall which I knew I had to climb in order to continue on the way I needed to go. As I looked up at the power of the waterfall, I said, “I’ll never make it through this! It is too great! I could never climb this waterfall! I have gone as far as I can go!” But then, FAITH, beautiful, powerful, overcoming, FAITH moved upon me; filled me. I fell down upon my face with weeping and fervent prayer to the Almighty Father, the Great Giver of FAITH, the Giver of Strength and of Power to Overcome. When I arose from my prayer, courage mounted high in my soul. Without hesitation I dove into the stream and with victory, I climbed up the Face of the Thundering Force of the Great Waterfall, that I needed to climb. I saw myself with grace climb the Face of the Waterfall and arise to my feet victorious at the top.

When I awakened from my dream I knew that with my dangerously poor health that I was facing a most paramount situation. Three times in 1978, I came very close to death, but because of Jesus, I was able to conquer and make it through. Like the salmon, I met many obstacles and powerful forces. And like the salmon, I was able to persevere and climb the waterfall of trials and dangerous sickness and yet make it to the top. Faith makes you strong!

There is power in FAITH! With FAITH we can climb above trials of waterfall force and magnitude. Without Faith we all would give up and say, “I have gone as far as I can go.” But with Faith in Jesus, we can sing with Power and Might:

….I can walk on the water top, … Because of my Lord and King.
….I can climb the Face of the Waterfall, … And with Joy my heart can sing.
….I can go onward through my trials, … With Peace that will never stop.
….Because of Jesus, my Lord and King, … I can Climb to the Mountain Top.

I don’t know the power source of the Salmons great fortitude, but I know that my Hope In Jesus is the Force on which I stand! And when troubles tell me I can’t, my Faith In Jesus tells me … I can! My faith in Jesus gives me Wings to Fly. I can fly above my troubles, fast soaring high. And, mountains of trials, with their powerful height, is easy to conquer, by.. Faiths Great Might. It is nothing to climb, The Face of a Waterfall, when you are holding the Hand of the Creator of All.

~~Our God is Great and Greatly to be Praised! My love and blessings to you all. ~~ Neetcie Buell–July 5, 2018

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