Ordination–Jeremy Wise

Bethany was blessed with a large congregation to share the occasion of the ordination of Brother Jeremy Wise to the work of the ministry on Sunday January 14, 2018 in spite of the wintry weather. There were 27 ordained ministers and deacons who sat in the presbytery to perform the official work of the ordination. Brother Larry Wise was chosen as moderator of the presbytery and Brother David Wise as clerk to record all the proceedings. Brother Jerry Wise was chosen to question Bro. Jeremy on the articles of faith of Bethany church and his agreement with them and promise to stand by these articles in his ministry to which he agreed on all 13 articles read to him by Jerry Wise and Brother Larry Wise was chosen to deliver the charge as to responsibilities of the ministry. Brother Steve Weaver was chosen to pray the ordination prayer accompanied by the laying on of hands by the members of the presbytery. After the ordination prayer, Bro. Jeremy and his wife, Hillery were asked to sit in from of the pulpit as Brother Larry Wise delivered the charge focusing on the calling to the ministry and responsibilities as a servant of the Lord, a steward of the mysteries of God, a soldier in the army of God, and a student of the word of God. Brief charge also given to his faithful wife Hillery and to the church, Antioch to which he has been called as Pastor.

Brother Jeremy and Sister Hillery were asked to stand in front as everyone gave them the right hand of fellowship and best wishes as they go forward in the service of God amid a hymn that was sung. Elder Joe Nettles dismissed the congregation with a very fervent prayer. 



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