Blooming In Hard Times

On the morning of 9-11-11, as I pulled out of my driveway and was headed to the worship services at my little church, my eyes caught sight of my neighbors house, where the concrete foundation of her house met with the concrete of her driveway, I saw, to my amazement, a most beautiful and healthy flower in full bloom. It not only had healthy stems and leaves but showed several lovely blooms all over the plant. I paused and said to¬†my son, “Oh, Justin, Look at the beautiful flower, growing in the concrete! It is not only thriving, but look, it is blooming abundantly!”

The flower so inspired me, that I couldn’t quit talking. Justin had to listen to me all the way as I drove to church. “Oh, Justin, we have been through some hard times, but we are like that flower. The Great God Who Delivers, has blessed us abundantly. We have overcome so much! Oh, the years 1999 and 2000, when Mom passed away and so much happened following that, I thought my grief and worries would destroy me. Oh, my…it was definitely hard times. Then, from 2004 to 2007, so many sorrows came our way. It seemed that I could not survive under these conditions. Yet by the Sweet Amazing Grace of the Almighty God, we made it.”

The little flower in the concrete, didn’t look like it could survive, yet by its beautiful flowers, you could easily see that all was well and the supply to meet its needs was sufficient. I knew, likewise, in my life, that even when I had days that I thought I couldn’t make it, life was too hard, worries were never ending, heartaches were too severe, yet….in the midst of all this…I found all my needs were met. And even as the flower, not only could I continue to survive, but I could bloom (with joy and praise) in my heart to my Lord, My Redeemer, My Friend.

God, Who Loves Us and Sustains Us, is a God of Hope! Hard times may surround us all, even like the hard concrete, yet with the Lord, like the lovely flower, not only can we survive…but….we can grow…and….Bloom! With the Lord, There Is Always Hope!

My love and blessings to you all. —Neetcie Buell–9-12-2017

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