May 2016 Communion Meeting

May 2016 Meeting 015

Bethany was blessed with a very spiritual communion meeting on the weekend of May 13-15 with a wonderful song service beginning Friday night, May 13, with a large congregation with many visitors from sister churches and friends. We had a total of nine Elders in attendance which included the pastor and guest minister, Elder Ben Winslett. Elder Winslett preached on the subject of the Sufficiency of Christ for eternal salvation. He used Phil. 1:21 as a starting point with Christ who was the life of Paul and when he died it would all be gain. The Lord had turned him from a persecuting Saul to a preaching Paul. Everyone enjoyed his message.

May 2016 Meeting 019

We had a tasty fish and chicken supper on Saturday night prepared by Gene York and the sisters of the church and friends with additional goodies.  We enjoyed great fellowship around the supper table with fellow brothers and sisters. We were blessed with another good congregation on Saturday night with more good singing and a message from Elder Ben Winslett. Brother Ben continued his subject from Friday night but

May 2016 Meeting 027

this time it was the Sufficiency of Christ for our daily lives from II Cor. 3:4-5 as our sufficiency is of God. We can do all things through Christ which strengthens us and He will see us through. The Lord told Paul His grace was sufficient and His strength was made perfect in Paul’s weakness. Trust in the Lord because He is sufficient.


May 2016 Meeting 043

Sunday was blessed with a short singing service but very lively. Elder Winslett preached on spiritual nourishment taking the manna in the wilderness for the children of Israel and Christ as the Bread of life. Just as we need physical food and nourishment to survive, so we need spiritual nourishment to survive as well. He used John chapter 6 and Exodus 16 as primary teaching tools. This was followed by the observance of the Lord’s Supper of the unleavened bread and the

May 2016 Meeting 042


wine, representing the body of Jesus and His shed blood.. This was explained by the Pastor, Elder Larry Wise, from I Cor. 11 and Exodus 12. After the Lord’s Supper, we entered into the washing of the saints’ feet as explained by the Pastor from John 13. Jesus washed the disciples feet and declared we also ought to wash one another’s feet. We had a goodly number of brothers and sisters

May 2016 Meeting 044

who participated but we had some who were not able to attend this year and we missed them very much. After washing of the saints’ feet, we sang a song and dismissed with loving embraces and expressions of love for one another. A few pictures on this post with more to follow on website page of Communion 2016. Thanks to Suzy Wise Bishop for taking most of the pictures in Communion on Sunday–May 16, 2016–Elder Larry Wise

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