MONDAY, MONDAY–Elder David Montgomery 4-18-2016

My mind is full of cobwebs this morning and the coffee is not doing the trick in clearing them away. Ah yes, hello Monday…I spend 1/7th of my life fighting you and you always win. I think the hymn, “Show Pity Lord” must have been written on a Monday. But, this is still the day that the Lord hath made, let us be glad and rejoice in it. Some of you are having a far worse Monday than I. Some are in bad health, some are caring for loved ones who are sick, some are facing the loss of a friend and family, some are mourning for a wayward child, some are lonely and long for companionship. I have been in all those places and was blessed to find relief. Kind Reader, you will too. We are getting the worst out of the way so the best will come later. Here’s a song that must have been written on a Friday:

“A few more days on earth to spend, and all my toils and cares shall end,
And I shall see my God and friend, and praise His name on high;
No more to sigh and shed a tear, no more to suffer pain and fear,
But God and Christ, and heaven appear, unto the raptured eye.”

Monday just got better.

PS: Sundays help prepare us for these Mondays that sometimes may seem so blue. But blue is a good color as the Lord dwells beyond the blue as He inhabits eternity–Elder Larry Wise

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