Minute of Prayer

The most important room in your house is your prayer closet. It is a room that you ought to frequent early and often. When in doubt, go in there, shut the door and speak your fears to the One who can help. God, who blesses the birds and the flowers, can and will help His people. As the old saying goes, “Seven days without prayer makes one weak.” We are weak enough as it is, why add to it by neglecting to pray? The only unanswered prayer is the unspoken prayer. Express yourself to God; ask, seek and knock…take it to the Lord in prayer and you will find a solace there. Prayer is one the very few things that you cannot do too much; in fact, the more you do it, the better off you are. If you haven’t yet prayed today, then do so right after you finish this article. It is the key that unlocks the doors of opportunity and you have the key around your neck. Let’s start unlocking some doors, shall we?–Elder David Montgomery–7-21-2015

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